The company compensates the commission for deposit and withdrawal of funds. The amount of compensation varies, depending on the method of deposit and withdrawal of funds. The actual compensation sizes are reflected in the table below:

Actual information

Type of
Deposit Withdrawal Date of promo expiration
Intermediary commission Size of compensation Total commission Intermediary commission Size of compensation Total commission
Total commission
SWIFT Tariffs of your bank 0% 0.4% 0.4% 0% Indefinitely
ePayments 1% 1% 0% 0% 0% 0% Indefinitely
Partial compensation
Visa/MasterCard 5% 2% 3% 0% 0% 0% Indefinitely
Visa/MasterCard (via Skrill) 3.9% + €0.3 0.9% + €0.3 3% - - - -
Skrill 3.9% + €0.3 0.9% + €0.3 3% 1% 0% 1% Indefinitely
NETELLER 3.9% + $0.29 1.4% + $0.29 2.5% 1% 0% 1% Indefinitely
WebMoney 3.5% + 0.8% 2.5% 1.8% 3% + 0.8% 2% 1.8% Indefinitely

The table is updated periodically.

Compensation is valid for all Company customers. *

* – For customers with VIP and Elite status, full fees compensation for all types of deposit and withdrawal of funds is made.

The company is delighted to meet new partners, and gives the opportunity to get PRO-status the most promising of them. The competition is held annually.

Criteria: $20,000

Total commission fees of all your referrals for the year.

Summing up:

9th of March 2020.


Status of Pro-Partner.

The minimum requirements for starting trading and investment activities have been reduced. Test our services and make your own opinion on them.

Independent trading

Minimum deposit:

Minimum $30
Minimum $100

Minimum deposit:

Minimum $100
Minimum $500

Table of minimum amounts

Procedure Minimum amount, USD
Deposit and withdrawal Without limits*
Creating a trading account 30
Deposit and withdrawal from a trading account 0,01
Total minimum deposit (for all investment accounts) 100
Investing in Portfolio (PAMM) 10
Deposit / withdrawal from PAMM account 10
Investing by MAM-model depends on the selected account
Investments management
Creating a Managed account 1 000
Deposit and withdrawal from a Managed account 0,01
Start of accepting PAMM-investments 1 000**
* Depends on the deposit/withdrawal method. Available methods and minimum amounts can be be found on the page Deposit and withdrawal.
** For a manager to start accepting PAMM-investments, he/she should invest into the Managed account (MA) not less, than $1,000. Therefore minimum amount for creating MA and start accepting PAMM-investments is $2,000. For the start of accepting MAM-investments there is no need to invest in personal account, but minimum amount of MAM-investment will equal to the manager’s funds.

ICE FX gives each partner the opportunity to evaluate the referral earnings, as well as the advantages of the PRO partner status.

Each new partner1 ICE FX receives the maximum level of referral reward2 and the status of the PRO‑partner for a period of 13 weeks.

Moreover, partners who during these 13 weeks will be able to raise at least $50,000 of referral funds to the Company,3 receive the maximum level of referral reward4 and the status of the PRO partner forever.

Incrase of referral income*
Trading 30% → 60% ($4.8/lot)
Funds management 5% → 20% ($1.6/lot)
Investments 15% → 40% ($3.2/lot)
Reward of the 2nd level 5% → 25%
Status of the PRO partner
+ Increased referral income
+ Compensation of commissions for deposit and withdrawal of funds from a personal account;
+ Improved investment conditions;
+ Free VPS-server.

For 13 weeks period

Any partner


Any partner that raised $50,000 of client funds to the Company during the promo period
(13 weeks of maximized rewards).

* — In % of the commission paid by the referral in favor of the Company for placing trades.

Comparative table of the partner's monthly reward:

Attraction of $200,000 while the promotion Attraction of $100,000 while the promotion Attraction of $100,000 in non-promotional period
Trading deposit** $1,200 $600 $300
Investment deposit*** $1,640 $820 $310

** — The calculation is based on average monthly volume of forex trading in the amount of 2 lots per $1,000 of deposit and data on the partnership program.
*** — The calculation is based on historical data of iComposite which mostly consists of "A"-rating accounts, also average multiplier of Portfolio x5, which is commonly chosen by the investors and data on the partnership program of ICE FX. Besides the commission fee from the referals' investments, the partner receives a part from managers' profit its referals invest in (the remuneration for partner is 10% from earned profit of the manager of "A" rating)

  1. New partner is a pertner who recieved a referral fee for the first time (became an active partner). The partner should have at least 1 referal (acquired customer via an affiliate link), who has already performed trading or investment operations.
  2. The referral reward for the both levels of the partner program are maximized.
  3. The amount of raised funds is calculated as the balance of all referrals of the partner's 1st level (only deposit / withdrawal operations are counted, and the received profit or loss is not taken into account for these funds).
  4. The reward is maximized only on the 1st level of the referral program.