Regional partners

ICE FX introduces

PRO-partner reward
up to 60% of commission (up to $3 / lot)
Funds management:
up to 20% of commission (up to $1.6 / lot)
up to 40% of commission (up to $3.2 / lot)
Second-level partner reward:
up to 25%
Referral customer linking
to the region of representative office
up to 50% of commission (up to $2.5 / lot)
Funds management:
up to 15% of commission (up to $1.2 / lot)
up to 35% of commission (up to $2.8 / lot)
Second-level partner reward:
up to 20%
Client status Elite
Compensation for office and advertising costs
Bonus certificates

Promo “Fast and Furious”

ICE FX gives each partner the opportunity to evaluate the referral earnings,
as well as the advantages of the PRO partner status.

Incrase of referral income
Trading 30% → 60% ($4.8/lot)
Funds management 5% → 20% ($3.2/lot)
Investments 15% → 40% ($3.2/lot)
Reward of the 2nd level 5% → 25%
Learn more about rewards
Status of the PRO partner
  • Increased referral income;
  • Compensation of commissions for deposit and
    withdrawal of funds from a personal account;
  • Improved investment conditions;
  • Free VPS-server.
Learn more about PRO status
For 13 weeks period. Any partner.

Any partner that raised $50,000 of client funds to the Company during the promo period
(13 weeks of maximized rewards).

Easy start

The minimum requirements for starting trading and investment activities have been reduced. Test our services and make your own opinion on them.

Independent trading

Minimum deposit:

Min $30
Min $100

Minimum deposit:

Min $100
Min $500

100% A-book

ICE FX operates under a 100% A-book model, hedging all client
positions with external counterparties.

  • client 1
  • client 2
  • client 3
  • client 4
  • ...
  • client n
  • Counterparty 1
  • Counterparty 2
  • ...
  • Counterparty n

ICE FX encourages loyalty

First time in the industry, customers receive privileges for working with the company for a long time.


Has been with ICE FX
for over 3 years

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Has been with ICE FX
for over 5 years

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  • Accumulated interest on deposit
  • Compensation of deposit/withdrawal commissions
  • Better investment conditions
  • Instant withdrawal of funds

    and much more...

Privileges? Easily!

ICE FX favors first clients and provides an opportunity to obtain
privileged status on facilitated conditions.


More than
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More than
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  • Accumulated interest on deposit
  • Compensation of deposit/withdrawal commissions
  • Better investment conditions
  • Instant withdrawal of funds

    and much more...

ICE FX is looking for professionals.


Have long
track record?

Able to engage
professional traders?

Contact us and receive

terms and conditions


of the Company

Management of
the company funds


and much more

Migration from other companies

The company with which you trade
is not fulfilling obligations?

Want to get started with ICE FX
but can not resolve?

ICE FX takes care of your costs!

Compensation of costs
for deposit / withdrawal


Up to 6% on deposit

Privileged status

Absolute transparency. In everything


ICE FX recruits one of the top auditors in the market to audit its most important financial indicators once a year.

Open trade

All managers included in portfolio products have independent account monitoring and publish their investment passwords

Demonstration of back office

We are the only company that confirms the hedging of any client position through demonstration of our counterparty's back office.

Demonstration of funds

Only ICE FX offers her clients the opportunity to view the company's accounts opened with all trading and payment counterparties.
ICE FX is constantly searching and recruiting professional managers.
We provide our clients a choice, but conduct initial due diligence
and offer only the best and most consistent traders.


Ready portfolio products
Age Funds Equity
x1 x3 x5

Rating A

Professional managers
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Age Funds Equity
х1 х3 х5

Investment system

Freedom for managers. Investor protection. Transparency and fairness in account settlements

Master account

A manager's trading on a managed account is completely identical to trading on a personal trading account.

Only equity

All calculations are based on equity. Changes in the investors funds does not lead to any distortion of results.

Managed accounts

A unique hybrid of PAMM, LAMM, and MAM technologies.

Master account

The manager is independent of the actions of investors and auto-correction mechanism.

Aggregation of positions

Execution occurs after the volume of master account and investment module has been aggregated. There is no desynchronization of results.


A change in the investors funds of a managed account does not affect trading results.

Freedom of action

Investment module allows you to start and end investment in a managed account at any time

Low entry threshold

Investment module allows you to invest from $10.

ECN and STP accounts

Best solutions from Forex market leaders.
Protection against poor performance
Protection against non-market quotes
Liquidity aggregation
Ultra‑fast order processing
Personalized trade settings

Search for PRO managers

ICE FX is in constant search for professional managers.

PRO traders

  • Funds;
  • Banks;
  • Asset Managers;
  • Prop companies;
  • PAMM platforms.

Traders with an investor base

Those wishing to follow you to ICE FX

For partners of investment companies

Those with contacts with PRO traders

Unique developments

Risk Manager

Facilitates accurate calculation of investor risks
Required for managers who are part of Portfolios
Removes psychological stress from managers

Choose your protection method

Maximum drawdown
Maximum leverage
Minimum account balance
Maximum loss for the week
Maximum loss for the day


We have created a unique product that allows you to choose from among accounts with varying degrees of aggressiveness – within one trading strategy. Investors can choose which risks to use to invest in a particular manager. To this end, the investor can just choose an account with the appropriate risk multiplier.
Account x2
Profit x2
Loss of x2
Loading x2
Base account x1
The manager trades on this account
Loading xn
Account xn
Profit xn
Loss of xn
Loading x3
Loading x4
Loading x5
Account x3
Profit x3
Loss of x3
Account x4
Profit x4
Loss of x4
Account x5
Profit x5
Loss of x5

the investor
a choice

The investor can choose any degree of aggression for the manager's trading strategy.


Possible to invest smaller amounts in aggressive multi-accounts with the same result.


Standardizing the risks of multi-accounts simplifies the calculation of risks and compilation of portfolio.

the manager's

The manager does not need to maintain several accounts with a different level of aggression, and, at the same time, he can be contented with the advantages of accounts with varying degrees of aggression.

Investment transparency

Change in the equity value of a managed account is displayed in online mode
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All A-rated managed accounts have independent trade monitoring.
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All managers included in the company's Portfolio provide an investor password to the company's privileged clients.
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Account statistics and investor statistics can dramatically differ. We do not mislead clients; we display both statistics for your understanding.
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Any client can make sure of the hedge of any positions of A-rated managers by reviewing the back-office of the company liquidity provider.
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Selection and separation of managers in terms of level of professionalism
A Rating

Must be selected or has 18 months of trading history

  • Independent account monitoring;
  • Open transaction history;
  • Strict risk management.
B Rating

Must be selected or has 9 months of trading history

  • Capital requirements;
  • Risk management.
C Rating

Positive results

  • No additional requirements.

Affiliate program

One of the biggest commissions in the industry

Classic partner

Up to $4 from trader's lot
Up to $2.8 from investor's lot
The earnings are available to everyone.

Rating of partners

ICE FX rewards its best partners every year

Estimated income

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PRO partner

Up to $4.8 from trader's lot
Up to $3.2 from investor's lot
Program for professionals with increased remuneration and special approach

Two-tier affiliate program

Up to 25% of referral earnings. Additional earnings from referring clients.