Professional investments available to everyone

Accounts classification by level of professionalism
Investor capital protection
Investment transparency
Profitable portfolio products
Unique investment functionality


Professional managers
Name Age Funds х1 х3 х5 Equity
+11.56 % +11.56 % +11.56 % Invest

Investment transparency

Verify the reality of trading activities managers with an open investor password.

Investor statistics

ICE FX shows investor returns. This information is usually hidden by other brokers.

Independent trade monitoring

All A-rated accounts must be connected to third-party monitoring systems.

History of closed trades

Each A-rated account has an open history of closed transactions.

Investor capital protection

Each MA and Index has a mandatory weekly loss limit and maximum leverage limit.

Besides, investor capital protection is achieved through:

Standardization of managed accounts for maximum weekly losses
Manual control of the trading activities managers by professional risk managers from ICE FX
Opportunity to independently configure additional loss limits

Professional investment risk management

lim(max(DD)) (20%)
Max DD limitation
lim(Loss(W)) (10%)
Weekly loss limit
LW (Low watermark) ($800)
Limitation of min balance onthe account

Profitable portfolio products

The ICE FX Index is a fully integrated solution for passive investments. Each Index consists of several professional managers selected according to certain criteria.
Performance fee 8—12%
Index accounts are selected by ICE FX specialists based on long-term trading results
Index accounts are under constant control by ICE FX risk managers
Index accounts are standardized for a 10% maximum weekly loss. In addition, there is a general loss limit for the Index as a whole.

Unique investment functionality

Managed Account

Hybrid PAMM, MAM and LAMM technologies with so many functionalities

Multi-MA and Multi-Index

Accounts with similar trade, but with different levels of aggressiveness


Instant investment and withdrawal of funds, setting loss limits for investments of $10 and above

To start investing, you need to register and top up your account.