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Follow current economic information with FXStreet. It provides with relevant news on performances with detailed explanation; data on US, Great Britain, Japan and other countries future economic related publications. Also, there you can learn estimated value of volatility and a host of other things. Economic calendar can be indispensable helper for every trader. You can set necessary criteria for The Economic News Calendar according to your own preferences.

When you trade Forex it is crucial to know when national holidays occur as they can play out as a good guide for forecasting market situations in this period. Usually there is a jump in market activity immediately when a holiday is over. Knowing that, you can choose the best time to enter and exit the market.

Depending on which of the trading sessions you are interested in, you can set the required values in the calendar. Convenient filtering will help you quickly navigate in a large number of holidays.

Date Country Tools Name of the holiday
1.1.2018 Greece EUR New Year
1.1.2018 France EUR,CFD New Year
1.1.2018 Iceland ISK New Year
1.1.2018 Japan JPY,CFD New Year
1.1.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB New Year
1.1.2018 Italy EUR New Year
1.1.2018 China CNY,CNH New Year
1.1.2018 Belgium EUR New Year
1.1.2018 Canada CAD New Year
1.1.2018 Ireland EUR New Year
1.1.2018 Switzerland CHF New Year
1.1.2018 United Kingdom GBP,CFD New Year
1.1.2018 Hungary HUF New Year
1.1.2018 New Zealand NZD New Year
1.1.2018 Australia AUD New Year
1.1.2018 USA USD,spot metals,CFD New Year
1.1.2018 Nitherland EUR New Year
1.1.2018 Slovakia EUR New Year
1.1.2018 Mexico MXN New Year
1.1.2018 Finland EUR New Year
1.1.2018 Romania RON New Year
1.1.2018 Germany EUR,CFD New Year
1.1.2018 Sweden SEK New Year
1.1.2018 Denmark DKK New Year
1.1.2018 Austria AUD New Year
1.1.2018 Spain EUR,CFD New Year
1.1.2018 Czech CZK Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State
1.1.2018 Poland PZL New Year
1.2.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB Bank Holiday день
1.2.2018 New Zealand NZD 1 january
1.2.2018 Romania RON 1 january
1.3.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB Bank Holiday
1.4.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB Bank Holiday
1.5.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB Bank Holiday
1.6.2018 Greece EUR Epiphany
1.6.2018 Italy EUR Epiphany
1.6.2018 Finland EUR Epiphany
1.6.2018 Austria AUD Epiphany
1.6.2018 Spain EUR,CFD Epiphany
1.6.2018 Sweden SEK Epiphany
1.6.2018 Poland PZL Epiphany
1.6.2018 Slovakia EUR Epiphany
1.7.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB Orthodox Christmas
1.8.2018 Japan JPY,CFD Coming of Age Day
1.15.2018 USA USD,spot metals,CFD Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
1.24.2018 Romania RON Unification Day
1.15.2018 Australia AUD Australia Day
2.5.2018 Mexico MXN Constitution Day in Mеxico
2.6.2018 New Zealand NZD Treaty of Waitangi
2.11.2018 Japan JPY,CFD National Foundation Day
2.12.2018 Canada CAD International Day of Families
2.15.2018 China CNY,CNH Eve of the Chinese New Year
2.16.2018 China CNY,CNH Chinese New Year
2.17.2018 China CNY,CNH Chinese New Year
2.18.2018 China CNY,CNH Chinese New Year
2.19.2018 USA USD,spot metals,CFD Presidents' Day
2.19.2018 China CNY,CNH Chinese New Year
2.19.2018 Canada CAD International Day of Families
2.20.2018 China CNY,CNH Chinese New Year
2.21.2018 China CNY,CNH Chinese New Year
2.23.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB Defender of the Fatherland Day
3.5.2018 Australia AUD Labor Day
3.8.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB International Women's Day
3.12.2018 Australia AUD Labor Day
3.15.2018 Hungary HUF National Day
3.16.2018 Hungary HUF Republic Day
3.19.2018 Mexico MXN Benito Juárez's birthday
3.19.2018 Ireland EUR Saint Patrick's Day
3.21.2018 Japan JPY,CFD Higan
3.25.2018 Greece EUR Independence Day
3.29.2018 Iceland ISK Maundy Thursday
3.29.2018 Mexico MXN Maundy Thursday
3.29.2018 Denmark DKK Maundy Thursday
3.30.2018 Germany EUR,CFD Good Friday
3.30.2018 Australia AUD Good Friday
3.30.2018 Spain EUR,CFD Good Friday
3.30.2018 Switzerland CHF Good Friday
3.30.2018 Denmark DKK Good Friday
3.30.2018 Mexico MXN Good Friday
3.30.2018 New Zealand NZD Good Friday
3.30.2018 Sweden SEK Good Friday
3.30.2018 Slovakia EUR Good Friday
3.30.2018 Finland EUR Good Friday
3.30.2018 Canada CAD Good Friday
3.30.2018 Nitherland EUR Good Friday
3.30.2018 Portugal EUR Good Friday
3.30.2018 Iceland ISK Good Friday
3.30.2018 United Kingdom GBP,CFD Good Friday
4.1.2018 Poland PZL Easter
4.1.2018 Hungary HUF Resurrection Sunday
4.2.2018 New Zealand NZD Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Austria AUD Easter
4.2.2018 Canada CAD Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Sweden SEK Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Czech CZK Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Hungary HUF Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Slovakia EUR Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Switzerland CHF Easter Monday
4.2.2018 United Kingdom GBP,CFD Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Denmark DKK Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Germany EUR,CFD Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Ireland EUR Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Iceland ISK Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Belgium EUR Easter Monday
4.2.2018 France EUR,CFD Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Poland PZL Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Australia AUD Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Italy EUR Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Nitherland EUR Easter Monday
4.2.2018 Finland EUR Easter Monday
4.5.2018 China CNY,CNH Qingming or Ching Ming
4.9.2018 Romania RON Easter Monday
4.9.2018 Greece EUR Easter Monday
4.14.2018 Greece EUR Good Friday
4.19.2018 Iceland ISK First Day of Summer
4.25.2018 New Zealand NZD Anzac Day
4.25.2018 Australia AUD Anzac Day
4.25.2018 Portugal EUR Liberty Day
4.25.2018 Italy EUR Independence Day
4.27.2018 Denmark DKK General Prayer Day
4.30.2018 Japan JPY,CFD Shōwa Day
4.30.2018 Russia RUB,XAURUB,XAGRUB Labor Day
4.30.2018 Hungary HUF Republic Day

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