About ratings

Rating is a list of managed accounts (MA), ranked by the degree of professionalism and some statistical performance indicators.

Long-term observations of investors' behavior have enabled us understand that distribution of accounts within a rating has enormous influence on the investor when choosing an account for investment. Therefore, managers that use extremely aggressive methods or have a very short trading history are never ranked high in our ratings.

We do not sort accounts based on such simple criteria as total investors' funds and total returns for the entire duration or life of the account. Rather we use more sophisticated ranking methods that – in addition to statistical criteria – include professional assessment of the manager's trading system.

In addition, to further facilitate the process of selecting investors, ICE FX runs several ratings that are also based on professionalism and performance indicators.

ArchiveRating ARating AgRating BRating CRating TIndex ratingRating Multi-MARating AThe rating of the most professional managers who have passed the selection by specialists of the company or correspond to a number of criteria.The company strongly recommends investing only in the MAs in this rating, in case you do not have sufficient experience in analyzing trading systems.Rating Multi-MAThis rating is for managed accounts that have multi-copies regardless of their initial rating. Information in this rating duplicates information from the initial ratings of the managed account.Index ratingRating of the Company's portfolio products.ICE FX strongly recommends investing in portfolio products from this rating for those who have insufficient experience in analysis of trading systems or opportunity to create their own portfolio.Rating BThis is an intermediate rating given both to potentially professional managers with insufficient track record on the site and to beginners who have positive results working in ICE FX.Rating TThis is a rating for managers who are tested online by ICE FX specialists.ICE FX strongly recommends T-rated managed accounts for informational purposes only.Rating CThis is a rating for beginners and managers with a history of unsatisfactory results. ICE FX strongly recommends C-rated managed accounts for informational purposes only.Rating AgThis rating is for managed accounts selected by ICE FX specialists, but which cannot be A-rated due to the presence of significant risk-raising techniques in the trading activity.ICE FX strongly recommends against investing in Аg-rated managed accounts, except for the category of investors who specialize in similar managed accounts.PREFERENCERECOMMENDEDNOT RECOMMENDEDArchiveArchive of closed managed accounts. The archive gives investors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with manager accounts that were closed earlier.

Rating criteria

Each rating has its own criteria for managed accounts. They include trading statistical parameters and such additional requirements as third-party trade monitoring systems, publication of history of closed trades, etc. ICE FX can include or exclude any managed account from any rating regardless of whether the respective rating criteria was met or not. More details about the criteria of each rating can be found on the page of that particular rating.


Managed accounts in each rating are sorted based on various algorithms, which include both statistical parameters (a(prof/max(DD)), max(DD), age) and their Portfolios. More details about account sorting algorithms for each rating can be found on the page of that rating.

Rating configuration

Each rating has quite a wide range of settings. Personal configuration schemes can be saved.
We tried to make the process of using the rating as convenient and simple as possible for those who need out-of-the-box solutions, and, at the same time, the most functional for those who want to conduct more detailed analysis.

Basic settings

Any rating is initially configured to display important and simple account parameters. You do not need to change the settings for preliminary account analysis.

If the settings have been changed and you want to return the basic settings, you only need to use the feature "return default values".

Advanced settings

In the Settings section of the page of a particular rating, you can configure the rating to display the parameters you want.

There are so many statistical parameters that can be displayed, which are sufficient for any analysis.

You can always return the basic settings of a rating, using the "return default values" feature.

Also available:
  • Filtering based on the value of any of the rating parameters (more, less, equal, range);
  • Sorting based on the value of any of the rating parameters;
  • Displaying results of managers for a selected period of time;
  • Past performance does not guarantee future results. ICE FX cannot guarantee your future results and/or success.
  • ICE FX provides only managed account service for investors and managers. The company is not a representative of any of the parties to trust management.
  • ICE FX does not participate in managing the funds of clients that are investing in managed accounts.
  • Leveraged investing exposes an investor to higher risk and can lead to complete or partial loss of one's funds.
  • If you do not fully understand the investment process or the degree of risk you may be exposed to, consult a third-party specialist for advice.
  • The minimum amount required by a manager to open a managed account is $500.