In order to allocate and additionally award the most effective and successful partners, the Company holds an annual competition of partners.

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Period of contest
10.03.2018 – 08.03.2019 Inclusive.
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Estimated parameter
Total commissions (both from trading in personal accounts, and from investments, in USD) of all the referrals of one partner.
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Partners rating Intermediate results are updated in the rating every week.

At the end of the competition, the five best partners will be awarded with the appropriate prizes.

1st place
2st place
3st place
4st place
5st place

The prize money is not a subject to restrictions. The winner can freely dispose of the funds received.

Rating updated weekly


Position Nickname Prize
elrid $5,000
Solandr $3,000
vpluse $2,000
JASumy $1,000
skoakhomeson $1,000